May 21, 2018

5 Minutes of Video on the Advantages of Programmatic Direct Mail®

Adam Solomon, Chief Product Officer

PebblePost Chief Product Officer Adam Solomon spoke recently about the advantages of Programmatic Direct Mail® to a sold-out crowd at the DMAW Data Strategy Forum in Washington, DC. In the “Turning Web Traffic Into Direct Mail Conversions” panel, Adam addressed four essential hows and how-tos of what marketers are calling the newest channel since Search and Social. Watch below for his answers to some of our favorite Programmatic Direct Mail® questions.

How to Get Started With Programmatic Direct Mail® 
Hint: Keep it simple.

How to Use Channels in Combination With Programmatic Direct Mail® 
Hint: Consumer experience is everything.  

How Do We Know Programmatic Direct Mail® Works
Hint: Match backs. 

How Programmatic Direct Mail® Works Alongside Digital Display & Other Channels 
Hint: Staying power. 

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