November 20, 2015

Why Mail Still Matters to Consumers

Things are made precious by their rarity. Fine art, first edition books, sports cars, and other memorabilia are valued for their uniqueness and for their impact on others. After all, isn't part of...

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November 05, 2015

How Brands (Should) Use Direct Mail

(Originally posted on October 15) It never hurts to get a few big brands to help a startup navigate the product/market fit, especially for the startup’s CMO. Last week the PebblePost team had the...

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November 05, 2015

Remember Direct Mail? It’s About to Become A Disruptive Marketing Tool

Lewis just published an article in Total Retail on the power of Direct Mail as a marketing tool....

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November 04, 2015

Marketers Are In A Digital Arms Race

This year, 60.7% of marketers will increase their spending on email marketing, 48.9% will increase their spending on social, and 38.3% will increase their spending on Search1. Yet response rates for...

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